Wearable Art Runway Show

Better late than never!  I can’t believe it took me thirteen years to attend the annual Wearable Art fashion show at the Dunedin Fine Arts Center.  What a visual feast!  A packed house of over 600 art loving patrons were treated to a sartorial cornucopia of couture.  Ensembles ranging in construction from synthetic hair to balloons came strutting down the runway, each creation more fantastical than the last.  Nine designers showcased their unique collections this year, some for the first time ever.

Here’s some of what I captured with my phone (my apologies for the image quality)…

Lina Teixeira

Sue Woodall-Metas

Melissa Dolce

Irina Bilka

The Garden Fairies

Julian Hartzog

Dacota Maphis

Johnson Hunt

Mark Byrne


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Shopping For A Cause: The Dress For Success Inventory Sale

Dress For Success Tampa Bay, the non-profit organization that helps empower women to break the cycle of poverty, recently held one of their inventory blow-out sales in South Tampa.  Dress For Success is widely known for providing women with suiting for job interviews, to increase their odds of finding employment, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg, the gigantic, mostly unseen underwater, Texas-sized iceberg that carries women on their journey to sustainability and success.  Most folks have no idea about the many programs this wonderful organization has developed for women over the years (19 years here in Tampa to be specific).  From the career center to the job training, to the retention and networking programs, Dress For Success has become about so much more than providing women with free suits.

The inventory sales are huge, both in terms of the sheer volume of ladies clothing, accessories, and shoes, and because they generate a great deal of funds which help keep their programs running.  You see, they receive loads of clothing donations throughout the year.  The pieces are sorted and those which are appropriate for job interviews remain in the appointment-only boutique where clients can apply for complimentary suiting services. All of the rest of those donated items are sorted, stored, and then set-up for sale 2-3 times per year.  If a piece is not in excellent condition, it doesn’t make the cut.

This year, as a volunteer, I was in charge of pricing the Designer Boutique Room at the inventory sale, which was held in a banquet hall at the Bayshore Baptist Church in Palma Ceia.  I could not believe how many brand new designer pieces there were.  I was told not to exceed $50 for designer suits.  So St. John, Escada, Elie Tahari… beautiful suits in mint condition were priced for less than $50! Every item in the Designer Room was priced between $10-$50.  Ninety percent of the inventory was priced at a flat rate, which was $5 for all clothing, shoes and handbags, $10 for suits, $2 or less for belts and jewelry.

If you’ve never been to one of these sales, I cannot express to you the depth of what you are missing out on.  Not only are shoppers helping a wonderful organization fund their projects, but we get fabulous pieces for like $5 each!!!  That, to me, is the definition of utopia.

I found 23 pieces for myself and my clients.  I spent $115!  If shopping (or hunting) for treasures is not your thing, I’m happy to be your guide.  Shopping is my second language and I speak Thrift fluently.

Take a look at a few of my favorite finds…

I was pretty excited about scoring this Elie Tahari suit!

*Photos by Theresa NeSmith Photography

Please be sure to visit the Dress For Success website to learn more about the organization and about how you can help.



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A Fun Way to Shop for Summer

** As seen in the June issue of Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine…

Generally, I love the act of shopping for fashion… so much, in fact, that I’ve made a career out of it.  I’m usually excited by the concept of finding new pieces and checking them off my list.  I enjoy the thrill of the hunt… with one single exception.  I absolutely detest swimsuit shopping for myself!  I loathe it, truly.  But since I’ve not yet sworn off wearing them all together, swimsuit shopping I must go.  I’ve developed a system over the years that helps me manage the task in a way that curbs my anxiety.  It includes rigorous psychological preparation by repeating positive affirmations in the mirror and consuming a few adult beverages before the excursion.  It’s exhausting!

This year I decided to try something new and re-imagine the experience… turn it into something I can look forward to.  I held a private poolside viewing party with a few of my girlfriends.  Oh, what fun we had!  I simply got their sizes beforehand and pulled a variety of items from some of my favorite local boutiques (one of the perks of being a stylist).  We tried them on, drank some champagne, rocked the runway, and let each other decide which pieces looked best.  There were no mirrors and no bad lighting, just a group of girlfriends having a blast.  Welcome to the new and improved way I now shop for my summertime wardrobe.  I think we’re onto something here, don’t you?

American & Beyond coverup, $58, DKM
Lilly Pulitzer beach tote, $198, Pink Palm

Citrine Swimsuit, $150, Surf Outfitter
Cabana Life swim pant, $90, Ship Chic
Canvas earrings, $32, Pink Palm

Indie Wild bikini, $135 top, $100 bottom, Surf Outfitter
India Hicks scarf, $58, @indiahickssouthtampa
India Hicks lariat necklace, $80, @indiahickssouthtampa

La Blanca swimsuit, $111, Pink Palm
India Hicks scarf $58 @indiahickssouthtampa
Fan fringe necklace, $38, DKM
India Hicks basket bag, $245, @indiahickssouthtampa

** Photos by Theresa NeSmith Photography

Have a great summer and be sure to stay tuned to Runway Translator for style updates!


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She Works Hard For The Money!

As seen in Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine, May 2017 Issue…

Read the issue here.

“She Works Hard for the Money”

A Mother’s work is never done… but her professional appearance should always be on point! You only get one chance to make a first impression, and when you’re representing your business it’s crucial to make it a favorable and memorable one.  Whether you work from home or outside of the home, you may need to network with other professionals in order to grow your business. Networking events are great for meeting new faces and making valuable connections.  I believe the best way to stand apart from the crowd is by first “wowing” them with your personal style, and then closing the deal with your personality.  You want your overall presence to say, “I’m confident and professional” and leave a positive lasting impression that makes people remember YOU when the time comes and your services are needed.  The same theory holds true for head shots… draw them in with your smiling eyes and be sure the details are tended to.

Here are a few helpful guidelines for what to wear to a professional networking event:

  • Regardless of what you do for a living, be sure you present yourself as a lady from head to toe… think Grace Kelly. Even if your job does not require you to look professional, remember that you need to step up your style game for these opportunities… you never know who you’ll meet.
  • I’m a dress gal, but on occasion I’ve been known to rock a suit. If suits are your flavor, be sure the fit is perfection!  Nothing kills a first-impression like an ill-fitting ensemble.  Get to know a good tailor and make sure your pieces fit like a glove.
  • Don’t go too heavy on the make-up. Professional networking events are usually during the day so remember, you’re not going to a cocktail party.  Keep the eyeshadow shades out of the bold palette zone and if your look requires a red lip, go more Taylor Swift and less Rocky Horror.
  • Statement jewelry is great for getting noticed, just make sure you don’t go too far towards evening glam with your pieces. Steer clear of chandelier earrings and gaudy costume necklaces with too much bling.

“Not Your Average Headshot”

Think of your headshot as your Director of First Impressions. She says, “Hello. It’s so nice to meet you.  How can I help you today?”  Remember, your headshot should be styled in a way that relates to your industry.  If possible, incorporate tools from your trade or at least add your personal style to the photo via bold pops of color and/or interesting backgrounds.  Above all, make sure you hire a pro, both for styling and for photography!  Never take a selfie in the driver’s seat of your car and post that as your headshot!


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Step Up Your Mom Style

*** As seen in the April 2017 issue of Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine, here.***

When you’re a busy Mom sometimes it’s difficult to look stylish. You’re usually stressed for time and you’ve got one small child pulling on your hair while another small child is about to tumble out of the shopping cart.  You need to be dressed for comfort and function and if it happens to come together in a stylish way, well that’s a bonus! For those of us who want to look fashionable while still being able to fulfill our duties as Super Mom, here are some tips on ‘How to Step Up Your Mom Style’.

  • These days the go-to Mom uniform is workout clothes, but why not substitute those yoga pants for a comfy boyfriend jean, then pair them with a graphic tee and a lightweight cardigan?
  • Load up on the dresses… maxis and shifts are great because they tend to be less constricting around the waistline.
  • We’re all familiar with the flip-flops here in Florida, but how about replacing them with a stylish, metallic sandal that goes with everything?
  • The perfect pair of sunnies are essential for a cool daytime look!  The key is to find a style that fits the shape of your face.
  • A statement necklace or ring can really make an outfit pop, but be sure the pieces are substantial… you wouldn’t want the baby pulling on your delicate chain necklace or dangly earrings.
  • Don’t forget about your face! I always wear a little color on my lips and mascara on my lashes before I leave the house.  Those two components alone can elevate your look.

Whether you’re out shopping the local boutiques or pulling looks from your own closet, it’s all about making stylish choices! Have fun with fashion, take risks and don’t be afraid to step up your Mom style!



Fashions above from:
Kit’s Well-Dressed
Don Me Now

Look #1:  Jersey Slip Dress $42, from Don Me Now | Chambray Bomber Jacket, $95 from Kit’s Well-Dressed | Quilted Cross-Body Bag, $27 from Kit’s Well-Dressed | Snake Skin Loafers, $110 from Kit’s Well-Dressed

Look #2:  Off The Shoulder Maxi Dress, $225 from Kit’s Well-Dressed | Beaded Sandals, $109 from Kit’s Well-Dressed | Large Tote Bag, $48 from Kit’s Well-Dressed | Long Gold Necklace, from Premier Designs | Statement Ring, from Don Me Now | Sunglasses, $45 from Don Me Now

*** Photos by Theresa Nesmith Photography

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Hello Spring!

The flowers are coming!  The flowers are coming!  Spring officially begins March 20th and I am so excited!  Aside from Fall (hello layers!) this is my favorite season for fashion.

I’m all about mixing prints for spring, specifically florals and stripes…

Route 3 striped crop top, $24, Sweet Southern Chic Boutique
Milly floral pencil skirt, $310, Deborah Kent’s
Shola Designs platform heels, my closet
Pink snakeskin clutch, my closet

Check out this ensemble and more in the March 2017 issue of Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine here.

Photo Credit: Theresa NeSmith Photography


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Designer Highlight: Beaufille

I love stumbling upon new collections that draw me in and compel me to learn more about the designer and the label.  One such instance happened as I was perusing the Spring 2017 catwalks looking for inspiration for a runway trend translation post.  I came across Beaufille’s Spring-Summer 2017 collection and was immediately drawn in by the clean lines and modern silhouettes.  I adore the extreme flares, the ruffles that aren’t overly feminine… there are architectural elements at play.  Then I realized that many of the pieces in this collection are constructed from denim.  Denim! Mind. Blown.

“The name Beaufille translates to ‘handsome girl’ and symbolizes the contrast between masculine and feminine elements; the combination of hard and soft. Beaufille is a women’s ready-to-wear and accessories brand founded in 2013, designed and created by sisters Chloé and Parris Gordon. The girls combine their backgrounds in Textile and Fashion design as well as Jewelry and Metalsmithing to create a line of luxury artisanal womenswear and jewelry.”
~Beaufille.com About Section

I’m really looking forward to seeing more from this label in the future!  They just showed their Fall-Winter 2017 collection and I’m heading over to fashionnetwork.com to check it out.  If it’s anything like their spring offerings, you can bet a future blog post about Beaufille is forthcoming!


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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Springs…


Here we go boys and girls… we’ll soon be rolling into Spring 2017 without a care in the world!  Feels like I’m riding my bicycle, the one with the basket on the front and the banana seat, and I’ve got my feet up… just cruising with my face toward the sun and the wind in my hair.  That’s my Spring vibe, my carefree jam!

For your education I thought I’d start introducing a few of my favorite trends that showered the Spring runways a short while back.  You’ll see these trends trickle into the retail sector so I want you to be prepared in the event that trend relevance is crucial to your personal style.  Even if it isn’t, and you’re not a disposable clothing kind of gal, most of my favorite trends are actually pretty classic… they come around every year.  So should you decide to pull the trigger on a few trendy pieces, they won’t soon end up in the back of your closet or the donation pile.

Floral Prints

The floral print trend is a mainstay on the Spring fashion runways. Flowers are indicative of springtime and symbolize a fresh start after cold winters. Floral prints are also quite feminine, so they’re an easy go-to when you want to step up your girly-girl game. Personally, I like to combine two different floral prints to create a more unique ensemble. The key to this combination is to mix a large print with a small print. I teach this styling technique  in my Spring Trend Clinics.


Thanks to CoCo Chanel stripes have been a fashion trend since the 1800’s.  For Spring we see them combined in clever ways and their graphic impact runs the gamut depending on how close together or how far apart the stripes are patterned.  I find that if they’re large vertical stripes placed on both top and bottom, one runs the risk of looking like a circus tent.  I love classic navy Breton stripes that run horizontally… and you can never go wrong with a vertical pinstripe.

Track & Sport

This track suit trend can be a little difficult to incorporate into your wardrobe without looking like an eighties stereotype, but it can be done.  The common piece here is the relaxed fit drawstring or elastic waist pant with one stripe down the side of the leg.  Start there and then add a coordinating floral bomber jacket.  Voila… you’ve achieved the track trend without being too matchy-matchy.

Stay tuned for more info about my upcoming Spring Trend Clinics and for future posts about my other favorite trends.  I’d love to hear about some of your favs too!



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Couple Goals: Style Factor

The couple that slays together stays together!

Here are some hot duos with top notch street style I found on Pinterest… they definitely deserve props for their combined fashion styles!


Couple Goals Style Factor 2

Couples With Fashion Style

Couples With Fashion Style Couples With Fashion Style

Happy Holidays Dolls!



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CITY: Fashion+Art+Culture 2016


I get very excited about this annual fundraiser every year! I mean, where else can you find more stylish eye candy than at a fashion show held at the Tampa Museum of Art? This year was particularly enticing for me, as the featured designer for the show was Norma Kamali, one of my favorites! She’s been designing amazing fashions for active lifestyles since the 1970’s! She is a true fashion icon! Though she was unable to attend the evening’s main event, her pieces were on display throughout the museum during the weeks preceding the fashion show finale.

In the spirit of the ‘art meets fashion’ concept I decided to add a little artistic twist to my runway shots for this post. Hope you enjoy…



RT Signature

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