Christian Fashion Week 2014

For God so loved the world that he gave us fashion!  Am I right?  I haven’t read the bible lately, but I think the heavens were shining down upon Tampa last weekend during the second annual Christian Fashion Week.  The lineup of designers was so packed with talent, they had to break up the runway shows into two nights.  I was able to attend Night One and was quite impressed with what I saw.  I may not make it to church on Sundays, but I do have a fondness for modest fashion and found this event to be a refreshing and welcomed addition to the local fashion scene.  Kudos to CFW Founders and power couples Mayra and Jose Gomez, and Tamy and Wil Lugo for putting on this wildly successful series of events!

CFW2014-Runway Translator and FriendsPictured above (clockwise):  Yours Truly, with CFW Producer Jose Gomez, with Estrella Fashion Report blogger Farrah Estrella, with photographer Tasia Hron.

Eight fashion labels were showcased and I’ve selected my three favorite looks from each collection below along with a quote from each designer.  Enjoy…

Repurposed by Jesse Washington and Ricc Rollins
“This isn’t your grandfather’s fashion show, but he will recognize some of the styles.  Everything old is new again, lives in the designs of each piece as we upcycle and repurpose creating a “green” look that makes a statement at every turn.”Repurposed

Mikra by Vonique Mason-Edwards
“Fashion can be used as a ministry tool.”Mikra

House of Dali by Dali Hernandez
“God First, Fashion Next.”House of Dali

All Brides 2 Be by Jessica Rios
“Bridal and Formalwear dresses made to fit you, not you to fit them and in your budget!”All Brides 2 Be

Just Cool by Roy Smoothe
“Jesus doesn’t care if you’re an innovator, trendsetter, trend-follower, or mainstreamer.  Your style, taste, position, or popularity means nothing to Him.  He is just looking for people who will follow.  We follow our faith and create the fashion.”Just Cool

Angel Myers by Angel Myers
“True Style Has No Size”
Angel Myers

EJ Fashion by Elaine Grullon
“Being a fashion designer means you are responsible not just for the clothes but for the message you are conveying with the clothes.”Elaine Grullon

Elegantees by Katie Martinez, Wildly Sanchez, and Sarah McPhillips
“Elegantees are sewn to restore.  To restore the purity and modesty our culture is depleted of, and to restore the lives of women rescued from sex trafficking.”Elegantees

Elegantees was my personal favorite!  I thought the collection was modern and innovative, using draping and gathering techniques that flattered every figure.  When I learned that all of these beautiful creations are sewn by women rescued from sex trafficking, I felt an even deeper sense of connection to this brand.  As a Junior Leaguer, sex trafficking awareness has been an important initiative for me.  I love that these designers are using their skills and their platform as a voice for reform!  Amen!

For more pictures from Christian Fashion Week click here or visit their website here.

Many Thanks to my photographer Tasia Hron!  You can check out more of her work here.

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  1. Thanks Farrah! It was a pleasure seeing you as well. Tasia did a wonderful job taking pics for me. She’s got a bright future in photography… I’m lucky to be catching her on the comeup!

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