Christian Fashion Week 2015

The 2015 Christian Fashion Week was billed as it’s final show after a three year run of successfully bringing “modest fashion” to the forefront of the local fashion scene.  Producers of the event only scratched the surface of the conversation surrounding the conceptual ideals of modest fashion… what does it mean?  …what constitutes modest?  …who gets to make those decisions?  They asked those questions and presented their views via an unexpectedly diplomatic platform.

I liked it.  I’ll miss it.

Here are a few of my favorite looks from what will hopefully NOT REALLY be their last and final run…

Noka Posh Runway
Noka Posh by Tatjana Sladojevic
ckfcreate by Constance Franklin Runway
ckfcreate by Constance Franklin
Angel Myers Designs Runway
Angel Myers Designs
Aleksndra Classic Design Runway
Aleksandra Classic Design
Elegantees Runway
Elegantees by Katie Martinez
Kala Xpress Runway
Kala Xpress by Sumita Bhojwani
Xiaolin Design Runway
Xiaolin by Julia Chew
One Prize Performance Runway
One Prize Performance by Kirsten Warner
Messiah Couture Runway
Messiah Couture by Jean Huni
D President Attire Runway
D President Attire by David President
Alamwar Textiles Runway
Alamwar Textiles by Viji Reddy
Essence Flowers Designs Runway
Essence Flowers Designs
CFW Producers
With CFW Producers Mayra & Jose Gomez and Tamy Lugo
CFW Bloggers Three
With Bloggers Natasha Bernard and Genelle Frazier

Photo Credit: Tasia Hron

For more info about Christian Fashion Week 2015 and this year’s crop of talent visit their website here.

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