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This year’s CITY. Fashion+Art+Culture event at the Tampa Museum of Art was, as I had anticipated,  a top-notch affair.  The tickets are a pretty penny, but they ALWAYS sell out and this year was no exception.  Art lovers and fashionistas alike gathered in their most stylish threads to enjoy a decadent evening that more than satisfied all of the senses!  Let’s see, for my inner foodie there were insanely delicious offerings like roast beef and salmon from Eddie V’s Prime Seafood.  My sweet tooth was doing a happy dance for the endless mouth-watering desserts from Chocolate Pi.  Speaking of dancing, I got a workout on the dance floor thanks to the throbbing beats played by the live DJ… my stellar moves may or may not have been enhance by the complimentary Tito’s Handcrafted Vodka and craft beers at the VIP bar. And what am I forgetting?  Oh yes, hello… the fashion show!

Held against a backdrop of stark white modern architecture, current fall fashions from Neiman Marcus popped off the runway like the first drop of paint on a blank canvas.  One by one the models floated down the runway giving us a taste of what Neiman’s International Plaza has to offer this season.



Neiman’s was NOT shy about mixing prints in this first set.  In case you didn’t know, this is very on-trend for the season.  Mix it up!  Do it, don’t be scared!  Look how well it turns out if you do it right.  Still not sure?  That’s okay, call me or call one of the stylists at Neiman’s… we’ll help you get it right.



Shades of Grey. Put away the neck tie, I’m talking about hues here.  Grey, grey, and more grey… all day long.  I love the classic, casual-chic, effortless, sophistication of it all!  Grey can do no wrong in my book.


Don’t you want to just touch it? Shearling!!! I want to curl up next to a fire wrapped in one of those vests y’all!





Overall, I was catching everything they were throwing!  If I had to manifest just one critique it would be that I wish we had seen more “risk taking” on the runway.  Don’t get me wrong, every single look was fabulous, but I love a little danger in my adventure, a little more octane in my gas tank if you know what I mean.  I’m an espresso versus french roast kinda gal when it comes to my runway shows… I may not always dress like a character, but I wanna see the envelope pushed because that’s what inspires me.  You know?  But I know the score.  In most cases, the audience dictates the show… in other words, even for an artsy crowd this target market of potential buyers was riding on the slightly conservative side of fashion (welcome to Tampa), so I completely understand why the looks shown were seemingly a bit “safe”.  It’s cool… I’m just saying.


What I Wore:  Rendez-vous knit jacket from Deborah Kent’s, Triumph graphic tee from JC’s Boutique, Spike Necklace from Naje’ Designs, Tart drawstring capris from Nordstrom Rack, Guess black patent leather and gold sandals from my closet.

Photo Credit: Tasia Hron

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P.S.- If you liked any of the looks from the show, and I’m sure you did, be sure to swing by Neiman Marcus at International Plaza before the pieces magically disappear!  And please support the Tampa Museum of Art by paying a visit.  I promise, you’ll be a more enriched individual by doing so… cuz art is good for the soul!

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