Spring 2013 Runway Trend: Nails Au Naturel

Spring 2013 Runway Trend- Nails Au Naturel
runway photos: harpersbazaar.com

Now this is a nail trend I can fully support!  I love naked nails… well, polished naked nails, that is! Talk about versatility… they compliment any fashion ensemble you can conjure up.  I’m partial to the ‘American Manicure’ because it’s more natural looking than the ‘French Manicure’, which is a bit too refined for my inner rock star.  Valentino, Gucci and Chanel kept things simple on the runway and opted for the undone manicures, so as not to draw attention away from their amazing collections. In the spirit of nail nudity, and needing a bit of ‘hey that’s cool’, I experimented with two new OPI gel shades (‘Did You Ear About Van Gough’ and ‘Don’t Burst My Bubble’) on my recent visit to Manhattan Nail Salon in Tampa .  I’ve included a few pics to show you how this nail trend can truly hang with any personality on the style spectrum…
Spring 2013 Runway Trend- Nails Au Naturel OPI INSERT

RT Mani1 (640x426)
feeling earthy

RT Mani3 (640x427)
feeling frisky

RT Mani2 (640x427)
feeling fancy

RT Mani4 (640x428)
feeling romantic


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