St. Pete Art & Fashion Week 2017 Runway Show

Whenever I hear the words ‘fashion’ and ‘art’ in the same breath, I know it’s going to be interesting.  Some claim fashion is always art, as a means to express one’s true self.  Others don’t make the connection at all, believing fashion to be simply a way to clothe your body for protection from the elements.  Most of us fall somewhere in between those two camps.  The annual St. Pete Art & Fashion Week Runway Presentation runs the gamut, offering both commercially marketed retail pieces as well as wearable art couture.  It was, as in years past, a very entertaining runway show featuring the creative works of local designers as well as stylish offerings from locally owned vendors.  Here are several looks from the show…

Uniquely Yours Boutique:

Aurora Threads:


Black Jack:

Erika Williner Jewelry:

Emahr Moon:

Helen Gerro:

*Photos by Mark Anthony Smith for Prolific Quarterly Magazine



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