The Printed Jumpsuit

Printed Jumpsuit at Coachella

I am intrigued by the jumpsuit trend this season.  I like the simplicity of the all-in-one factor, but I worry about finding the right design so as not to look like an auto mechanic or a baby in a onesie… maybe that’s just me.  The above pic of Tresean Wong in Marc Jacobs at Coachella immediately drew me in and convinced me to take the plunge.  The all-over print is gorgeous and I love how she dressed it down with Converse… she looks comfy and stylish!  I found several versions (pictured below) and am in the throws of deciding which one to order for myself.  If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment…

Spring 2013 Trend- Jumpsuits

1. Camo Print Boiler Suit, $90,
2. Ruby Rocks Fairly Made Jumpsuit, $90,
3. Komodo Organic Cotton Jumpsuit, $65,
4. Pintuck Printed Jumpsuit, $49.99,

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