These Are A Few Of My Favorite Springs…


Here we go boys and girls… we’ll soon be rolling into Spring 2017 without a care in the world!  Feels like I’m riding my bicycle, the one with the basket on the front and the banana seat, and I’ve got my feet up… just cruising with my face toward the sun and the wind in my hair.  That’s my Spring vibe, my carefree jam!

For your education I thought I’d start introducing a few of my favorite trends that showered the Spring runways a short while back.  You’ll see these trends trickle into the retail sector so I want you to be prepared in the event that trend relevance is crucial to your personal style.  Even if it isn’t, and you’re not a disposable clothing kind of gal, most of my favorite trends are actually pretty classic… they come around every year.  So should you decide to pull the trigger on a few trendy pieces, they won’t soon end up in the back of your closet or the donation pile.

Floral Prints

The floral print trend is a mainstay on the Spring fashion runways. Flowers are indicative of springtime and symbolize a fresh start after cold winters. Floral prints are also quite feminine, so they’re an easy go-to when you want to step up your girly-girl game. Personally, I like to combine two different floral prints to create a more unique ensemble. The key to this combination is to mix a large print with a small print. I teach this styling technique  in my Spring Trend Clinics.


Thanks to CoCo Chanel stripes have been a fashion trend since the 1800’s.  For Spring we see them combined in clever ways and their graphic impact runs the gamut depending on how close together or how far apart the stripes are patterned.  I find that if they’re large vertical stripes placed on both top and bottom, one runs the risk of looking like a circus tent.  I love classic navy Breton stripes that run horizontally… and you can never go wrong with a vertical pinstripe.

Track & Sport

This track suit trend can be a little difficult to incorporate into your wardrobe without looking like an eighties stereotype, but it can be done.  The common piece here is the relaxed fit drawstring or elastic waist pant with one stripe down the side of the leg.  Start there and then add a coordinating floral bomber jacket.  Voila… you’ve achieved the track trend without being too matchy-matchy.

Stay tuned for more info about my upcoming Spring Trend Clinics and for future posts about my other favorite trends.  I’d love to hear about some of your favs too!




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