Wearable Art fourteen

For fourteen years Dunedin’s Wearable Art Fashion Show has taken whimsical fantasy to a whole new level. Held in its usual location at the Dunedin Fine Arts Center, Wearable Art fourteen featured ten creative designers whose runway offerings took our imaginations on a wild ride, through space and time… literally. From the alien life forms of Kikimora Studio to the visual evolutionary timeline presented by Lina Teixeira, this year’s show was a veritable feast for the eyes.

Here are a few of my favorite looks from the show…

The Garden Fairies + Cosmic Cotton Candy Collaborators – ‘Let Them Eat Cake’

Julian Hartzog – ‘Bras on Parade’

Kikimora Studio – ‘Mystical Sci-Fi’

Melissa Dolce – ‘Circus’

Irina Bilka – ‘Barbie Doll Collection’

Dacota Maphis – ‘Urban Play’

Johnny Hunt – ‘Evolving Ecologies’

Mark Byrne – ‘Mystique’

Lina Teixeira – ‘The Evolution of Fashion’

(Photos by Kelsey Walker, FLocal Magazine)




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