Wearable Art Runway Show

Better late than never!  I can’t believe it took me thirteen years to attend the annual Wearable Art fashion show at the Dunedin Fine Arts Center.  What a visual feast!  A packed house of over 600 art loving patrons were treated to a sartorial cornucopia of couture.  Ensembles ranging in construction from synthetic hair to balloons came strutting down the runway, each creation more fantastical than the last.  Nine designers showcased their unique collections this year, some for the first time ever.

Here’s some of what I captured with my phone (my apologies for the image quality)…

Lina Teixeira

Sue Woodall-Metas

Melissa Dolce

Irina Bilka

The Garden Fairies

Julian Hartzog

Dacota Maphis

Johnson Hunt

Mark Byrne


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